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The Superior National Forest offers 400+ miles of hiking trails with a wide range of environments.  Trails vary from hilly terrain with scenic overlooks, while others run through swamps, across streams and by lakes.

A hiking trip is a good way to become familiar with and appreciate forest ecosystems.  Hiking provides a visual contact with nature and is an excellent health enhancement.

Safety measures should be considered before any trip.  Proper outerwear and boots are a must.  Bug repellent, maps, compass and rain gear should be packed along in case of an emergency.   Spring and fall are favorable times to go hiking, but plan for warm days and cool evenings.

Quality outdoor recreation experiences require a land use ethic that makes everyone responsible for his/her actions.  Pack your trash out and "take only pictures, leave only footprints!"

From USFS Hiking Brochure, April 1995



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