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This information is from an old list dated 1982. Some of the trails may not be currently maintained so you may want to contact the nearest Ranger Station for the current status of the trails. The Kekekabic Trail Club is currently helping to maintain a number of these trails. We are also cataloging the old trails in an effort to preserve them. If you know of any trail not on this list, please contact us and we will add it to the list.


The following is a list of hiking trails available on the Superior National Forest. In using this list, please consider the following:

  1. Many of the trails are partially within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) and are subject to special regulations:
  2. On those trails which do not have developed camping facilities, camping is allowed only when 1/4 mile from another group or site and at least 100 feet from the trail, portage or lakeshore.
  3. Lakes scattered along the trails provide for drinking water, but carry a canteen for those long stretches between lakes. Boil or treat all drinking water. Do not wash dishes in or near a lake or stream.
  4. Use toilet facilities at existing campsites or dig a latrine at least 100 feet from the trail or any water source and cover it before leaving.
  5. Use only dead wood for fires and tent poles. Use cord instead of nails or wire.
  6. Be sure to extinguish your fire before leaving camp.
  7. Leave a clean campsite for those who follow by burning or carrying out all refuse.
  8. Before departing, check with a permit issuing station on the current condition of the trail.

For further information and/or maps, contact the District Ranger at the address listed in the heading for each group of trails.

LA CROlX RANGER DISTRICT, P.O. Box 1085, COOK, MN 55723, Phone (218) 555-5251.

Herriman Lake Trails - This trail system begins 9n County Road 424 (T67N, R17W) near Crane Lake. The entire system consists of about 11 miles of hiking and cross- country ski trails. A separate brochure is available.

Norway Trail - This trail extends 8 miles south of County Road 116 (Echo Trail) (T65N, R15W) to Trout Lake in the BWCA. The trail is. in relatively good condition. The last one-half mile is within the BWCA. The trail is usable in winter for cross-country skiing. A separate brochure is available.

Souix-Hustler Trail - This is a 27 mile loop trail starting from County Road tf116 (T65N, R14W and/or T65N, R15W, Echo Trail). The trail is in good condition, however, all streams must be waded. Wilderness campsites are provided on Emerald Lake, Devils Cascade, and Pageant Lake. The trail penetrates into some rather remote areas of the BWCA. It is recommended that those planting to hike the entire trail may be experienced hikers well prepared to meet the challenge. The trail may be used by snowshoers and cross-country skiers. It is strongly recommended that winter users be experienced. A separate brochure is available.

Big Moose Trail - This trail extends three miles southward from Forest Road 464 (T65N, R14W) to Big Moose Lake. The last one-quarter mile is within the BWCA. The trail has recently been maintained and is in good condition. A BWCA campsite is available near the trail on Big Moose Lake. A separate brochure is available.

Stuart Lake Trail - Extends from County Road 116 (T65N, R13W, Echo Trail) northward eight miles to Stuart Lake. The trail is in good condition with all but the first .25 mile within the BWCA. A separate brochure is available.

KAWISHIWI RANGER DISTRICT, P.O. Box 149, Ely, MN 55731, Phone (218) 365-6185

Angleworm Trail - Extends from Forest. Road 116 (T65N, R12W, Echo Trail) northeasterly to Angleworm Lake within the BWCA. The portion to Angleworm Lake can be used in the winter by snowshoers and cross-country skiers. There are several scenic overlooks in the Angleworm Lake Area. Trail's length is approximately fourteen miles. The trail connects with- the Angleworm-Trease portage which can be used in the winter as a circle route to the Hegman Lakes. During the summer Visitor's Distribution System, reservations are required for overnight use of this trail. It is a rugged trail that should be walked in two to three days to enjoy it; however, if one starts early, it can be completely hiked in one day. A separate map is available for this trail.

Cummings Lake Trail - Extends westward from County Road 644 (T64N, R13W), five miles to Cummings Lake within the BWCA. The beginning of this trail is a logging road and is generally in good condition.

Bass Lake Trail - This 5.6 mile trail starts at County Road #116 (T63, Rl2 Echo Trail) approximately six miles north of Ely. The trail goes around Bass Lake and is near to Dry and Low Lakes. There are several changes in ecological zones as one traverses the various topographic features. Parts of the trail cross what was lake bottom until the mid 1920's when the lake level dropped 45 feet. It is an interesting, well-marked trail that can be walked in three hours, but four to five hours is more appropriate. There is no drinking water available. A map is available for this trail.

Snowbank Trail - This trail starts at the parking lot on the Fernberg Road 1/2 mile west of Lake One landing and follows the south side of Snowbank and Parent Lakes. At this point, the trail swings north between Parent and Disappointment Lakes to the northeast corner of Snowbank Lake. The north side of Snowbank features high rock ridges which over several excellent overlooks. The trail continues around to the west side of Snowbank Lake until it reaches the Snowbank Road. At this point, it is a 3.2 km (2.0 mile) hike back to the car via road. The majority of this trail is within tie BWCA. During the summer Visitor' Distribution Program reservations are required for overnight use of this trail. A separate brochure for this trail is available.

Old Pines Trail - This trail leaves the Snowbank Trail just north of Becoosin Lake. The highlight of this trail is the stand of large, virgin white pine, most of which are well over 300 years old. From the pine stand, the trail swings north to Alworth Lake and then back near Disappointment Mountain, then between Disappointment and Absub and eventually back to the Snowbank trail near the Boot Lake portage. There is another loop that swings south to Becoosin and Benezie Lakes. The Old Pines Trail has several scenic overlooks along the way. This trail is within BWCA. A separate map is available.

ISABELLA RANGER DISTRICT, P.O. Box 207, Isabella, Mn 55607, Phone (218) 323-4255

Hogback Lake Trail - This trail extends 5 miles from Hogback Lake Picnic Area on Forest Road 172 to county Road #7 (T60N, R6W) with loops going around Scarp Lake and down to Lupus Lake. There are 4 wilderness-type campsites along the trail route. The trail and campsites have been recently maintained and are in good shape. Several stocked trout lakes (Hogback-Canal, Scarp and Steer) are accessible from the trail. This trail can be used for cross-country skiing in the winter. A separate brochure is available.

Flathorn Lake Trail #43 - This trail makes a two mile loop around Flathorn Lake (T60N, R9W). Access is from the Flathorn Beach and Picnic Area on Forest Road 177. The trail can be used for cross country skiing in the winter.

Powwow Lake Trail - This trail originates at Forest Center Landing (T61N, R8W) with two access points 1/2 mile west of lsabeIla Lake canoe access and also 1.5 miles SE of Isabella Lake canoe access (BWCA entry point #86 and #87). There are now approximately 28 miles of trail available for hiking. Campsites are designated. The entire trail system is in the BWCA and makes use of some old logging roads, offering a wide variety of land forms and access to land-locked lakes. Some low, boggy areas and water crossings may be encountered in spring and summer. The trail passes through part of the Rice Lake Fire of 1976. A separate brochure is available for the trail.

Kane Lake Hunter-Walking Trail - This trail is located 2.25 miles east of county highway #2 on the Kane Lake Road (F.R. 107) and south 3/4 mile on a logging toad (T56N, R10W), where the trail takes off first to the southwest. The trail extends 2.75 miles to F. R. 403. It is 3.5 miles north and west by road back to the beginning. An additional 2 mile loop is planned for future construction. This area is being managed for ruffed grouse habitat.

Arrowhead Hunter-Walking Trail - This trail takes off south from F. R. 173, 2 miles north of Kelly Landing and comes out 3/4 mile further east on 173 (TG0N, R8W). It includes 3 3/4 mile of trail, one short loop and one long loop. It was recently completed and is in good shape. This area is. being managed for ruffed grouse habitat.