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Board Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2006
In attendance: Mark Stange, Fred Base, Derrick Passe, Lynn Glesne, Bruce Lemmons, Jerry Swanson, Liisa Beckman.

Bruce Lemmons, Jerry Swanson, and Fredd Wettstaedt were nominated as new board members. Final results from the election are being held until the February meeting, as the January member meeting was cancelled, and those who didn't get to vote that night will have the chance to vote on Tuesday, February 7th. Spring clearing trips are being planned. Dates are set and some leaders have been chosen, though many trips still need leaders. Upcoming member meeting ideas were discussed, with several ideas needing further research. A decision was that the newsletter be mailed during the week of January 23rd, in order to get information to members about trip dates, as well as information on the February member meeting.

December 6,2005
In attendance: Derrick Passe, Mark Stange, Lynn Glesne, Liisa Beckman. Guests: Bruce Lemmons, Sharon Johnson.

Letters to members will be mailed out with board nominee biographies and ballots, with the ballots due by the next meeting (January 10, 2006). The Trail Committee reports that the preliminary schedule has been assembled. The committee will be meeting within the next two weeks to solidufy dates and choose leaders. Upcoming member meeting ideas were discussed, many ideas were brainstormed. We hope to have John Leinen come shortly to discuss recent developments with the NCTA. The newsletter schedule for 2006 was discussed. The next one will be mailed January 24, 2006, detailing the trip dates and the February member meeting. The January meeting date is to be changed from January 3rd to the 10th. Liisa shall notify the listserv and make a note on the website.

November 1, 2005
In attendance: Mark Stange, Lynn Glesne, Liisa Beckman. Visitors: Fred Wettstaedt, Jeff Madsen.

The search for nominees for the board continues. Fred Wettstaedt and Jeff Madsen are considering running, and no other candidates have been identified. The Trail Committee reports that trips are forming. The Midwest Expo is November 11-13. The KTC will get a table as usual. Volunteers are needed to cover the hours. Fred Base will be there all day Sunday. Liisa will set up the booth Friday at 4pm, and stay until Steve York arrives. Liisa will cover Saturday morning til 11:00 AM, when Mark Stange will arrive to cover the rest of the day. We would like to have Sharon Johnson come to the December meeting to discuss trail food. Someone will contact her to arrange that.

October 4, 2005
In attendance: Derrick Passe, Fred Base, Mark Stange, Lynn Glesne, Terry Serres, Liisa Beckman.

Mark, Lynn and Derrick will call members to solicit nominees for the board. No candidates have yet been identified. The Trail Committee reports that the focus for next spring's clearing trips will be those areas missed this spring. There will be two AHS trips; the regular trip plus the alumni. Pat Campion from REI should be approached to run a trip again, as it has been years. Also Midwest should be approached. Terry S will work on approaching the U of M's Center for Outdoor Adventure (COA) to get our trip information in their December brochure. The Aitkin crew intends to clear again this spring. Member update: 148 total with 60 lapsed. The Midwest Expo is November 11-13. We need volunteers. Fred Base volunteered, and Liisa will email the listserv, though this has not in the past brought forth any volunteers. We will offer volunteers a t-shirt for their time. The only outstanding item from the September Action List is to re-write the "Hike the Kek" brochure. Lynn Glesne will contact Beth Gauper, a reporter with the St. Paul Pioneer Press about writing an article about the Kek and perhaps going with on a spring clearing trip in 2006.

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Updated February 5, 2006